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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Do You Think You Know Bradford History?

YOU KNOW BRADFORD HISTORY IF YOU KNOW: (Taken From the Bradford Historical Society 2014 Newsletter)    Answers below:

1.     Who are the authors of the two Bradford histories (1876 & 1967)?

2.     What is one of the names for Bradford before it became Bradford.

3.     What happens after the golf course floods three times?

4.     Where was the building that is now the Old Church Theatre originally located?

5.     What was the name of the sea captain whose home was on the site of the present Merchant’s Bank

6.     Where was the armory for the Bradford Guard prior to the building of the 3rd floor armory in the present Richardson Office Building?

7.     What was the name of the garage/auto dealership located in the building that is now the Bottle Shoppe?

8.     What building is featured on the town seal, now part of the official Bradford250 logo?

9.     Who/what is the Waits River named for?  

10.   Who was the man who donated funds to building the Bradford Academy and the building that houses the Bradford Public Library?

11.   Who is the man whose statute is in the park in front of the Bradford Public Library?

12.   What is the name of the early business leader who built the Brick Mill, the former Legion Hall and a large paper mill above the present dam?
















  1. Rev. Silas McKeen and Harold Haskins
  2. Waits Town, Mooretown (in honor of N.Y. Royal Governor S. Henry Moore), Salem, and by Act of the General Assembly of the Republic of Vermont in 1788, Bradford.
  3. Spring (or at least that is the common lore).
  4. Town Church was located on the Upper Plain
  5. Capt. William Trotter who retired to Bradford with his wife in 1804 and built a home that after his death in 1822 became the Trotter House. It burned in 1887.
  6. Located just behind the Legion Hall. 
  7. Perry’s Garage
  8. Brick Mill
  9. Capt. Joseph Wait of the Rogers Rangers who shot a deer on the meadow in 1759.
  10.  John L. Woods
  11. Admiral Charles E. Clark, hero of the Spanish American War
  12. Asa Low


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